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Rust never sleeps

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October 1, 2001


Very interesting question.

Questions:  1.  How much corrosion is there on the reinforcement in the
concrete fill? Any cracking/ spalling in the concrete fill?
                   2.  How much excessive moisture is still in the concrete
fill above the steel deck after the 10                         year leak has
been repaired?
                   3.  Since rust is the result of the wet-dry process,  how
will moisture from the normal hot/cold                         and humidity
cycle be prevented from accumulating on the bottom of the rusty steel deck,
and in the concrete fill?
                   4.  Have possible contributors to the roof leak
(inadequate roof slope, or ponding, or
excessive roof member deflection) been addressed?
                   5.  You mentioned that the steel deck is 'composite.'
Are welded steel studs on top of steel                              beams a
part of the existing condition?  If so, have they been checked for possible
                   6.  Is there rigid insulation above the concrete deck?
If so, is it saturated?  If it is, it is also
useless as an insulating material.  Will it also be replaced?

These questions should be addressed in your investigation.

To respond to your question, it appears that it would be nearly impossible
to expect the rusting to stop by repairing the water leak.

Integrated Design Services, Inc.

Bob Freeman, AIA
Senior Structural Designer

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