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RE: Anchor bolt design - wood sill on concrete

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I don't know where in the code it is either, but the method you describe is what I have seen: concrete is treated as a main member with a thickness twice that of the sill plate. My wood handbook gives values that correspond to this.
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Subject: Anchor bolt design - wood sill on concrete

I am going nuts - It's been a long time since I manually designed my sill anchors and I remember a section of the code that clearly indicated a method something like 1/2 the value of twice the thickness etc. etc.  (so for a 1-1/2" sill you are looking for anchor bolt values for 2-inch and 4-inch members - since twice the 1-1/2 inch member is 3" and between the table values) or something like this. I can not find it in the code. It may be that I am stressed out trying to make a promised deadline, but I've gone brain dead and cant find the paragraph in the code that explains the procedure.
Can someone guide this mentally blinded engineer to the appropriate code section????  I've just wasted the last hour looking back through old codes as well as current codes and am beginning to think that I must have dreamed the whole thing:?)

You will have my eternal gratitude!!!!

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