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RE: Anchor bolt design - wood sill on co

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That was in the NDS.  I only have the 1985 NDS at home and in that edition, 
it is section  (Under "Number of Members in a Joint."

However, I think that it has changed in the 97 NDS, but since I don't have 
that at hand, I can't verify it.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Michael Bryson wrote:

. > I don't know where in the code it is either, but the method you describe 
. > is what I have seen: concrete is treated as a main member with a thickness
. > twice that of the sill plate. My wood handbook gives values that 
. > correspond to this.

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. > I am going nuts - It's been a long time since I manually designed my sill
. > anchors and I remember a section of the code that clearly indicated a 
. > method something like 1/2 the value of twice the thickness etc. etc.  (so 
. > for a 1-1/2" sill you are looking for anchor bolt values for 2-inch and 
. > 4-inch members - since twice the 1-1/2 inch member is 3" and between the 
. > table values) or something like this. I can not find it in the code. It 
. > may be that I am stressed out trying to make a promised deadline, but 
. > I've gone brain dead and cant find the paragraph in the code that 
. > explains the procedure. Can someone guide this mentally blinded engineer 
. > to the appropriate code section???? I've just wasted the last hour 
. > looking back through old codes as well as current codes and am beginning 
. > to think that I must have dreamed the whole thing:?)

. > You will have my eternal gratitude!!!!

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