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Mortor Field Test

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I got a mortar test report from a testing agency on one of my projects.
I actually have never received a mortar test report before.
I've gotten block & grout tests, but never mortar.
Anyway, ASTM C-270 & ACI 530.1 call for an Average Compressive Strength for
laboratory prepared
Type S mortar of 1800psi.
However, there is no mention of a field test value.
The testing agency tells me that this is actually a wasted test because
there are no field values to compare to.
Is this correct?
The test values I got were 1210 psi & 1110 psi, for a type S mortar.
Is there a field value for the mortar to compare testing to?  

It also seems to me that a 3" diameter cylinder test will not tell what the
real compressive strength of a 5/8" mortar joist is.
Is this a reasonable assumption?

Todd Hill, PE
Project Manager
TK Architects
Phone	 816-842-7552
Fax	 816-842-1302

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