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Re: Math Software

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MathCad has in the past conducted marketing tests to see how they should 
price their software.  When MathCad (DOS version) was selling for $395, I got 
an offer from them sent to my office address (from Buffalo, NY) for $99 and I 
took them up on the offer.  A while later, I got an offer from them addressed 
to my home address to purchase the same program for $49.95.

Many complaints about this were published in the media.

Be cautious and see if someone hasn't received a different offer.

A. Roger Turk
Tucson, Arizona

Thor Tandy wrote:

. > RE: Math SoftwareI'm interested in getting a copy of the MathCAD 2000 
. > software ($US99?) that is being advertised on their website.

. > I placed an order last week, and today I get a message saying it's not for
. > sale outside the States!!!??

. > Anyone trusting enough to buy me a copy and send it to me?  :^)

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