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RE: Math Software

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Title: RE: Math Software
I would like to thank everyone for their help with the matrix software. And a special Thank You to Andrew Mole for sending me the excel spreadsheet to try. I am now clear on how to perform my calculations.
Thanks Again
Mitchell J. Sklar, P.E., MBA
Senior Structural Engineer
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Subject: RE: Math Software

I am interested that no-one has mentioned using Excel for matrices. It is fairly basic, but it will do matrix addition, subtraction, multiplication, inversions and determinants. If that is all you want it for and you have the program already then there is no need to pay for anything else. Obviously it doesn't lay things out as beautifully as MathCAD and isn't as powerful as MatLab (or Mathematica or Maple), but as a student that may not matter. Excel also has a fairly powerful optimization function that will allow you to solve for a number of variables.

The relevant functions are "+", "-", MMULT(), MINVERSE() and MDETERM(). Remember to select an range with the appropriate dimensions before entering the formula, and then press <Ctrl> <Shift> <Enter> rather than just <Enter>.

Andrew Mole