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RE: Math Software

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NAFTA's alive and well in the Palm Springs area. For an example visit:


At 11:08 AM 10/2/2001, you wrote:
Try any computer store and you should be able to get it for that price. MathCAD 2000 Standard is 90 to 100 bucks. Mathcad 2000 professional is at least 500 bucks.
Try amazon or egghead and they'll ship it up there. What happend to NAFTA, hey ?
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I'm interested in getting a copy of the MathCAD 2000 software ($US99?) that is being advertised on their website.
I placed an order last week, and today I get a message saying it's not for sale outside the States!!!??
Anyone trusting enough to buy me a copy and send it to me?  :^)
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