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Re: torsion factor

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More than a year ago, Ted Zutty originally pointed out to the seismology
committee the discrepancy between the fact that the table uses "drifts" to
determine torsional irregularity, whereas the formula uses "displacements".  No
one has particularly done much about it since, except last Sept 26, at the
seismology meeting in San Diego, there was a motion to propose code changes to
use "drift" for both.  As I recall (and I might be wrong - there were several
proposals in a pretty short time), a proposal was going to go in, but at the
sime time someone was going to talk to some of the NEHRP people to get their
input.  I have in the past hear arguements for both the use of drift and
displacement - to me it sometimes seems to be a tempest in a teapot, argueing
about something that only changes the bottom line by a percent or so.

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