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Re: Steel Deck Diaphragm on Wood Framing

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TEK screws are not designed for that application:  each screw has a bit that drills completely through the full thickness of steel to be interconnected, and then the threads engage in the steel.  This results in a connection that is fully threaded through the steel. 
A TEK screw connection through steel into wood would result in bit punched into the wood with no positive connection to the wood [instead of the Code-required 7 diameter penetration of the point for wood screws].  Once the threads engage in the steel, the bit would be forced to advance into the wood at the rate at which the screw advances in the threads that the screw has cut into the steel, which is probably faster than the bit can drill.  The process may even lift the deck off the joist as the screw advances.
How about attaching steel angles to the sides of the wood joists to which the decking can be connected.  Or how about using ordinary wood screws, or Simpson SDS Screws to connect the decking to the tops of the joists.  With those types of connections, you can find the Code-allowable or Evaluation Report-allowable shear values tabulated.
Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA