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Re: Math Software

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Title: RE: Math Software
Thanks, Gerard, Roger, Nels, Dennis & Pat.  I'm going to accept Nels' offer and see if that works.  If that doesn't, then I will ask Pat, if I may.  FWIW NAFTA doesn't seem to be a working option at my humble level, but I'm probably missing something.
I made the purchase attempt by going to MathCAD's website and ordering through their on-line store.  I thought the 2000 price looked good, since I'd like to test-run the software before going to a later full version.  I did the same with RISA, but they had a demo module that I used for a couple of little jobs.  I liked it and bought the full package.  I liked the TEDDS "glossy" but it's too expensive for "trial" purposes.
Again, thanks.
BTW has the attack on the WTC buildings affected anybody's business (yet)?

Thor A Tandy P.Eng
Victoria BC
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Subject: RE: Math Software

Try any computer store and you should be able to get it for that price. MathCAD 2000 Standard is 90 to 100 bucks. Mathcad 2000 professional is at least 500 bucks.
Try amazon or egghead and they'll ship it up there. What happend to NAFTA, hey ?