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RE: Slurry

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Check out ACI Committee 229 Report Controlled Low Strength Materials(CLSM).  It recommends strength of 100 to 1200 psi for fill.  The slump ramge is 6 to 8".  Mixture designs vary.  Some have coarse aggregate, some have Fly ash.  Cement ranges from 50 to 200 lb/cy.  Fly ash:  none to 2000 lb/cy Class F or 350 lb/cy Class C.  Fine aggregate 2600 to 3100 lb/cy.  Coarse aggregate if used would equal fine aggregate content.  Water content 325 to 580 lb/cy.  Water can go as high as 1000 lb/cy when used with Class F fly ash.  Check with your local suppliers for some of their mix designs.  Just replacing lost dirt would only require a low strength.

Glenn C. Otto, P.E.
Virginia Beach, VA

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I am working on relocatable buildings (like trailers) whose cripple walls
bear on 3x8 or larger pressure treated mud sills directly on grade.  In some
locations the grade has eroded below the mud sill leaving pockets where the
mud sill has no direct bearing.  I am going to solve this deficiency by
filling the voids with a lean concrete mix or slurry.

Does any one have a suggestion for this mix design?...other suggestions?

Sharon Robertson Bonds, PE
Salerno/Livingston Architects
363 Fifth Avenue, Third Floor
San Diego, California  92101
(619) 234-7471(619) 234-7471

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