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Re: STAAD joint/member naming conventions

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	There is a program called SODA which does allow you to do what you want
regarding node and member designations.  I like this program for
structural steel but it's quite limited for other applications.

	For more information contact Ed Greig.

Ed Greig <EdG(--nospam--at)>


				H. Daryl Richardson

Jones, Mark A. wrote:
> Does anyone use a standard naming convention for joint or member generation?
> I'm really tired of seeing member #138 and having to look at a map to see
> where member #138 is at. I really wish REI would allow us to use characters
> so that member #138 could become column B5.
> I've thought of the YYXXn naming for columns and YYXXZZ for members but run
> out of space when we have more than 10 column lines or floors.  Apparently,
> you can't use seven digit numbers for joints/members.
> Mark Jones
> Jacobs Engineering
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