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Wood Moment Frame in historical building - retrofit

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We are currently working on a project for retrofiting a historical building
The buliding is wood-framed structure with bow string truss (120' span).
The building is 120'x200'x50' high with knee bracings at both ends.
The trusses are supported by large timber section columns (3-6x12),
There is no shear wall existed along the truss direction and wood bracing
is provided as lateral support in the perpendicular direction.

Based on UBC, wood moment frame system is not allowed
(even though the column is very heavy and the building looks very good along
truss direction?). Could somebody having similar experience give some input on how to retrofit moment-resisting connection instead of adding shearwall or using other options, Right now it is not possible to add shear wall or bracing along the truss direction.

Thanks very much.


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