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RE: Toe plate required for BOCA stair?

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I am not aware of any requirements for toe plates in the standard building codes - they generally specify requirements based on the diameter sphere which can pass thru the railing. However, a toeplate can help reduce the open space within a railing. OSHA requires toe plates where below the railing: persons can pass, there is moving machinery, or where falling materials could create a hazard (i.e., a toe plate is not "always" required). Thus a toe plate is generally related to equipment areas and should not be required for general "people" areas.
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Subject: Toe plate required for BOCA stair?

I am reviewing a stair/landing that does not have a 4" high toe plate.  I know that OSHA requires this, but the applicable code might be BOCA.  I can't find anything in BOCA that says that any toe plate is required.  Is it hidden somewhere, or is it just not required?
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