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Standard Details

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   My office manager has requested that I estimate the number of manhours to
modify standard details acquired thru acquisition of another office library
to comply with California's Zone 4, 3 seismic requirements. The "Standard
Details" are architectural, civil, structural, ceiling, mechanical,
electrical, piping, ducting, lighting and other support details. I responded
with that the details are adequate until we have a specific site application
which will modify the details as necessary. That should be costed and
charged to that specific project task. The office manager would prefer that
I modify the details to satisfy a general case thereby making the charges
costed to the acquisition and some how minimize the cost of engineering for
repeated design details. I advised that it could not be done or rather more
correct to wait until the site specific information and data is available
for a specific project(s) or a series of projects with similar details.
Am I away from my desk in dream land or; ? is there a more persuasive
language I could use?

Bob Ross
Robert P. Ross, P.E.
Principle Design Build Project Engineer
Washington Group International, Inc.
949.222.3978 office
949.222.3985 Fax
562.254.4604 Mobile

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