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Structural Plain Concrete - "wall" vs. "column"

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ACI 530 defines a wall as "A vertical element with a horizontal length to
thickness ratio greater that 3, used to enclose space."  That indicates that
a vertical section 12" x 36" is a column but a 12" x 37" section is a wall.
I can not find a similar definition for a concrete member.  At what plan
view ratio do you switch from designing a member as a column to designing it
as a wall?

Robert Rogers answered my question with an answer for a reinforced section.

I am actually concerned about an existing un-reinforced concrete wall with
axial loads in a non-seismic area.  ACI 318 22.2.2 (c) says that structural
plain concrete columns shall not be permitted.  The project architect wants
to put two openings through this wall with as little distance as possible
between them.  I don't feel comfortable with putting them as close together
as he wants to even thought the loads are not excessive for the remaining
area.  I thought I would be able to find a definition of "column" based on
geometry as in  ACI 530 but I couldn't find anything.  Does anyone have a
suggestion on where to draw the line between wall and column for structural
plain concrete?

Roger C. Davis
SDS Architects, Inc.

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