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Re: T&G roof diaphragms

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This is a subject that I deal with on a regular basis with E.O.R.'s.  There
are no published values for diaphragm with 2x decking; not even Lock-Deck.
If you consider the recommended nailing per AITC 112-93 you can obtain a
very small amount of diaphragm capacity; I'm sure not enough for zone 4.

If you need diaphragm with 2x decking your best alternative is to use a
plywood overlay.  As was stated nail lengths become a problem depending on
what plywood thickness you use.  A 8d nail is 2 1/2" long and your decking
will most likely be 1 1/2" thick.  If you consider the fact that the nails
will be installed with nail guns you'll need to consider a little extra nail
penetration.  You should be okay with a 1 1/8" plywood!  Make sure you put a
big note on the drawings that mentions not to let the nails penetrate the
decking on the inside of the building.

For more information on Lock-Deck you can contact a Lock-Deck distributor,
Disdero Lumber Co., in Oregon @ 1-800-547-4209.

Best Regards,

Brian McMahon, E.I.T.
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Subject: T&G roof diaphragms

Does anyone have any information as to whether T&G wood diaphragms are
accepted in the state of California? Our client has requested 2x6 T&G
spanning 4ft. Our project is located in the state of California, seismic
zone 4.

Any information anyone has is greatly appreciated.

Gina T. Gobo, EIT
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Seattle, WA
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