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RE: Bolts in Combination with Welds

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I remember reading or hearing that High Strength Bolts can no longer 
> be considered as sharing load with welds.  This makes perfect sense 
> to me, but I cannot remember or find where this provision is specified. 
> Can anyone direct me to the appropriate code section ?
When the ductilities are compatible, load can be shared between bolts and welds. It may surprise you to know that the ductilities very often are compatible. However, this is not always the case. I'd be more specific, but in doing so would wind up repeating the whole work of Manuel and Kulak (1999), which is referemced in RCSC Specification Section 5, last paragraph of the Commentary under that section on page 29. Have a look. It is fairly practical and useful.
The RCSC Specification can be downloaded for free here:
The reference to Manuel and Kulak "Strength of Joints that Combine Bolts and Welds" is in the Journal of Structural Engineering, Vol. 126, no. 3, March, published by ASCE.