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one more thing, was RE: splice spiral stirrups

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Section 1907.10.4.5. says 12" min lap or 48db, (18" for #3) for splices of
spirals. Is this in lieu of seismic hooks at splices of spiral reinforcing?


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|~|Subject: splice spiral stirrups
|~|How are spiral stirrups spliced, in my case, for drilled piers
|~|that need to be coupled under a house? We will be using 160%
|~|long. bar mechanical couplers with no staggers. Section 1921.1
|~|defines hoops and indicate that continuously wound ties need
|~|seismic hooks at each end. Does this mean that a 135 degree hook
|~|is placed around a longitudinal bar and shared/spliced with the
|~|spiral hoop of the next section? That seems somewhat difficult
|~|to do and align the long. bar couplers. Are there provisions to
|~|allow a splice of the spiral stirrup with adjacent sections by
|~|just adding a few spiral wraps at the splice?

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