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RE: How Can Force in "All Thread" be Det

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This is an existing industrial building in which the tenant (my client) 
attached equipment to the roof structure, loading it beyond its design 
capacity.  The alternatives were for the tenant to remove the equipment and 
support that from the floor, or to reinforce the existing roof structure.  
Since only a limited number of GLBs needed to be reinforced, reinforcing the 
GLBs was selected.  What needed to be done was to reduce the bending moment 
at selected locations in the affected GLBs.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Scott Haan wrote:

. > Roger:

. > If homebuilder Hank is going to tension the beam with a tire iron and
. > framing hammer I think you could measure the elastic shortening of the 
. > wood beam and then from strain compatability you could figure the force 
. > in the rod. The problem is wood creeps and shrinks and  the rod relaxes 
. > and how is this accounted for?  

. > For a reinforced beam I would calculate the transformed section and check
. > the allowable stresses in the wood and rod, but how do you calculate the
. > allowable load or strength on a post-tensioned wood beam?

. > Is the reinforcement mainly for load balancing or for added strength?  

. > Scott M Haan P.E.

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