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RE: SE Licensing in Washington State, Exam Results

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A friend of mine suggested that if engineers really wanted to ensure fairness, periodic retesting of structural engineers would be required. This would put everyone on a equal footing. This would ensure what is described as "minimum knowledge" is maintained on an ongoing basis rather than just crammed the month before the exam once in a lifetime. Most importantly, this would work against the temptation for the already registered members of the community to work for ever higher standards to try to discourage competition. Every engineer would be forced to think long and hard about what is appropriate material for the test, and what level of competency is required. No more difficult "rite of passage" tests that some see as unreasonable but everyone who has been through one thinks everyone else should have to do because they had to at one time. The attitude that a question is reasonable if you had to do it once upon a time (but couldn't do it today) would go away. I beleive that tests would become very practical, indeed, and there owuld be no room for debate. This would not only produce a better test, but better engineers as well. That would be fairness. It'll never happen, of course.


I agree with your note. The exam is fair and does represent basic minimum
knowledge required for structural engineering practice.

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