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Noise from screwed steel roof deck

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I have a church sanctuary project under construction in which the roof
deck is quite noisy, aparently from thermal movement.  The roof
structure consists of a 2" steel deck supported on wood trusses at 8'
spacings. The deck is screwed to each support with screws at 6" spacing. 
On top of the roof deck is rigid insulation with a nailable top surface
on which asphalt shingles are nailed. 

The building is not yet completely closed in, so there is no HVAC
operating yet. The roof deck makes fairly loud popping noises, which
come from random locations and at random times, but usually about
several seconds apart.

In the original design, the architect had gyp board attached directly to
the bottom of the steel deck. I imagine that this would have dampened
out much or all of this noise, but unfortunately it was "value
engineered" out when the bids came in over budget.

Has anyone here had any experience with noisy steel roof decks?
Specifically, any ideas on how to prevent this in the future (or fix
this current problem), and also would the problem be expected to improve
once the building is closed in and climate controlled?

Rick Burch

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