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Title: RE: WSJ
Excuse me Stan for mistyping the word TEXT. Your perfection in all things leaves me breathless. Oh that all my posts bore the absolute truth as do yours. Forgive me for being so human, so less than you. BTW, the only article that I could find online was the one I posted.
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Actually, the better article is the one that appears just below the "test" that you posted.  It is the Leslie Robertson article, titled "Engineer Defends Fallen Towers".  This should be required reading for all engineers, and recommended reading for all Americans.

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas
[but in Manchester, NH last week]

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Subject: RE: WSJ

Here is the test of the article:

In assessing the rubble of the World Trade Center, architects, engineers and
scholars are finding lessons that could affect the future of skyscrapers --
from their height to the width of interior stairwells......