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RE: STAAD-Concrete sectional properties

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He is correct...... to my knowledge as well, it only accounts for
deflections and does not automatically adjust stiffness values
representative of the degree of cracking.....

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Subject: Re: STAAD-Concrete sectional properties

Dear John,

I am not very much familiar with American codes, so I cannot reply to
questions, but I can answer Q #3.

The answer is that STAAD does not take reduced section properties due to
cracking. P-delta analysis performs a secondary level analysis, in which
takes into accounts the forces generated by the deflections caused by
first order analysis, and that is all.


Pankaj Gupta
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Subject: STAAD-Concrete sectional properties

> I am reviewing the STAAD input for a Reinforced Concrete six story
> industrial building and have a few questions that I hope someone can
> 1.  Is it usual practice to use the member properties in ACI 10.11.1?
> 2.  Section R8.6.1 talks about using gross section properties for all
> members in braced frames. My building has two parallel shear walls in
> east-west direction (in combination with moment resisting frame) and
> moment resisting frame in north-south direction. Can I use gross
> properties?
> 3. STAAD PDelta analysis has been performed. The engineer who done
> analysis informed me that the PDelta analysis in STAAD takes into
> (automatically) reduced section properties due to cracking, therefore
> acceptable to input gross section properties. Is this correct?
> 4. I reviewed the UCB on this subject. Section 1633.2.4 states that
> and shear properties shall not exceed one half of the gross section
> properties unless a rational cracked-section analysis is performed.
> someone explain to me what a rational cracked-section analysis is.
> 5. Section 1910.11.1 of the UCB gives similar member properties as ACI
> 10.11.1 but seems to contradict the requirements of UCB Section
> i.e. using 50% of gross. Can someone clarify this for me.
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> John Holliday  P.E.

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