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Re: Multistorey building design

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Ring up 6684825, anyday between 12 to 5, and I will guide you on phone, as
it would really be not very clear on mail


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Sent: Friday, October 12, 2001 1:26 PM
Subject: Multistorey building design

>      I am involved in the design of a 6 storeyed resendential building and
> the building has an unsymmetrical shape in plan. In order to make the
> building earthquake resistant ,I want to design the 2 lift wells located
> separate building blocks as shear walls.I need guidance on the following
> points.
> 1. How do I model my shear wall on STAAD Pro - as plate element or as
> element.
> 2. How to design/detail the connection between the shear wall and frame.
> 3. How to account for door openings on one side of the rectangular shear
> wall(Lift well size Size 2m x 2m)
> 4. What portion of Total Load and Moment should shear wall take.
> 5. Are there some serious ill effects that can arise from a poor shear
> design.
> 6. Any special requirement for Foundation for shear wall. The building is
> otherwise resting on a 400 thk beam and slab type raft foundation.
>                  I will be really grateful if someone can provide answers
> my queries.
>                      Thank You.
>                                     Prakash Upadhyaya
>                                      Delhi, INDIA

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