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Solution to exporting BOM from Acad to Excel

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Ref: My post on this subject and the responses.

Thanks to all those who responded to my appeal for
help in exporting the BOM from Acad to Excel. I have
sent an individual acknowledgement to all those who

I received a number of suggestions and tips and also
some lisp routines from memeber of the seaint list and
also from another list of which I am a member.

I tried them out with varying degrees of success and
learnt some new things in the process. There was a lot
of disagreement among the team members here on what
method we should finally adopt.

None could beat the following two options.

1) Immediate and practical solution  to beat

Simply put 3 chaps on the job of entering the data
directly in Excel and mutually cross checking the data
entry. For  60 sheets at a maximum of  15 minutes per
sheet, the job is done in less than one working day of
each of the three draftsmen. No fancy tricks, or
software required.

2) Long term solution for future :

The following solution came from a bright youngster in
our office  barely out of his teens and working in our
GIS mapping division.  I am quoting the instructions
that he rattled off.

First prepare by turning off all layers except the
text in the Bill of Materials. In our case the Bom was
on a particular layer. Next , do the following:

1)	Use Autocad?s PSOUT command
2)	This will create an image file containing text info
3)	Open this image in Adobe Photoshop
4)	Change it to Bit map format
5)	Open OCR software and insert this bit map
6)	It will open a text window and an image window
7)	Use Read Image Command in the OCR software. It will
create a text format in the Text window
8)	Save this text file using either the Word or Excel

I have never used Adobe Photoshop or OCR software and
had difficulty trying to understand what he was doing.

During the demonstration, he was left clicking and
right clicking away to glory and opening and closing
windows with great rapidity.

He had more difficulty explaining to me what he was
doing than in actually doing it.

This youngster?s method worked and was the best among
the solutions I got so far. A minor cleanup was
necessary which we did not grudge doing.

They say, the younger you are in this software
profession the more you know. I am beginning to
believe it. I came away  feeling silly and out of

Regards and thanks once again to all who responded.
Have a happy weekend.

G Vishwanath

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