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Re: Retaining Wall Design

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I typically use p = K*gamma*Hgt, and if I use 110pcf for typical sandy clay soil, I get about 110*H/3 for Ka => 1/3 (active pressures).  For "at rest" pressures I use Ko = .5.  For passive pressures I use Kp => 3.  For "sophisticated" analysis I use the full-blown expressions for K.

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Victoria BC
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There were some letters on a related topic - Soil Stiffness - on or about August 17, published on this list.  These earlier letters suggested using higher values than 30 psf for lateral earth pressure.  I personally favor 0.4 to 0.5 times the vertical earth pressure (which usually results in about 50 to 60 psf horizontal pressure) when I design retaining walls; but others consider this too conservative.  You might want to review the earlier responses and form your own opinion.


H. Daryl Richardson