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Australian PE Registration

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I have been told that someone has told several of the occupants of a damaged
building that it is in his professional opinion safe for continued occupancy
during evaluation and repair.   I'm not sure he's right (I'm not sure he's
wrong either, but that's another story).  I have provided some advice to a
concened party, and am now asked to comment on this other person's
statements.  Issues are complex, but the reason I'm posting is that I am
trying to find out if the guy is qualified.

I have not met this fellow, but he has apparently represented himself to a
number of people as a Civil Engineer.  I have been given his name, and a
check of the California Board's web site indicates that he is not licensed
to practice engineering in California, where he and the building are
located.  Someone has suggested that he may be licensed in Australia.  Does
anyone know of any easy way to check (i.e., an on-line roster of Australian

A web search yielded the names of several professional organizations.  The
Institution of Engineers Australia (IEAust) seemed like a possibility, but a
tour of its site (which didn't appear to include a roster anyway) left me
thinking it was a professional society rather than a licensing board.  I
assume that persons doing structural design in Australia are required to be
licensed or registered, but can anybody direct me to a list of such persons?

Drew Norman
Drew A. Norman and Associates
Pasadena, California


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