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RE: Reducing required cover of non-prestressed c.i.p. concrete

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I would not rely on the stone veneer or drainboard to provide any
protection. Xypex is normally applied to the surface to react with the
concrete to form a crystalline waterproofing. It probably helps, but I would
not "solely" rely on it either. If corrosion protection is the main concern,
I would apply a thick film flexible coating such as Semstone by Sentry
Polymers or Polibrid by Polibrid Coating Inc. These coatings can bridge
cracks and provide corrosion protection. 

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Subject: Reducing required cover of non-prestressed c.i.p. concrete

I have an 8" concrete wall that includes a section with reinforcing that has
encroached to within 3/4" of the form.  Parts of this area are covered with
8" of stone veneer (exposed to wheather), and part is to be covered with
earth (sealed with drainboard applied).  The concrete included the Zypex
(sp?) additive.
My questions are:
Will the protection provided by the veneer allow a reduction in cover?
Will the additive allow a reduction in cover due to extra protection?
Thanks for any comments.
Pat Clark, P.E.

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