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I believe the detail should read something like this:  In the shop, PJP the
shear tab to the column flange and provide a reinforcing fillet on the
opposite (unwelded) side.  When the beam is placed in the field, the beam
web is CJP welded to the column flange on the far side of the shear tab,
shear tab is used for backing.  The fillet welds are made between the beam
web and the shear tab following the CJP weld of the beam web to column
flange.  The intent is to get the web connection as rigid and redundant as
possible while still being reasonable to construct.

Kevin Moore, SE
Project Engineer
Degenkolb Engineers


Gerard Madden wrote:
> I am detailing a Welded Unreinforced Flange - Welded Web Connections
> per section 3.5.2 of FEMA 350 (pages 3-28 to 3-31)
> I am having trouble understanding the detail where it shows the shear tab
> weld to the column flange. There are two welds shown connecting the tab
> the column. The first weld is a Full Pen Weld on the Far side (Indicated
> with Note 3) and the other weld is a Partial Penetration Weld with a
> Weld shown on the near side (Indicated with Note 5).
> Are these supposed to be options (i.e. choose 1) ? Note 5 calls for a
> partial pen on the far side, but the weld symbol indicates near side. I
> confused because they are showing both welds. If there is a CJP weld on
> side, how can I partial pen the other side ?
> Please enlighten me.
> thanks,
> -gerard
> Gerard Madden, PE
> Design Group Manager
> Duquette Engineering

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