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threaded rods

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If I remember correctly, threaded tension rods were
the first thing I learned to design in Steel 101, and
I probably haven't designed more than a handful of
them since.  Can someone please clarify for me:

When I learned design by AISC, we were taught to check
for yield on the gross section (0.6 Fy Ag) and
fracture on the net section (0.5 Fu An).  It made
sense to me. It's still used for "prismatic" members
in Chapter D, but threaded members are now apparently
excluded (and have been, I suppose, for some time). 
As I read the specs I have available (both 1989 ASD
and 1994 LRFD), we now check for fracture on the gross
section (based on Chapter J).  Is this right, and why
was it wrong before?  The Commentaries for chapters D
and J are of little help.

Also, to the code writers at AISC:
The quiet one-sentence qualifiers at the beginning
Chapters D, E, and F of the code (for instance, the
one in Chapter D excluding threaded rods) could use a
little clarifying and expanding upon.  Maybe an
outline-format list, even, instead of just text,
stating whether each listed subject is excluded from
the current chapter or covered by another chapter in
addition to the current one.

For example, the Chapter D qualifier for combined
axial tension and bending directs me to Chapter H,
which back-references Chapter D, so this is just a
helpful reference, not an exclusion.  However, the
subsequent sentence for threaded rods, as far as I can
tell, sends me to Chapter J and tells me never to come

If the Code was a computer program, it would be
criticized for having far too many GOTO's.  It would
be nice to lose as many as possible, and Comment the

Thanks for any clarification or comments on these

Mike Hemstad, P.E.
St. Paul, Minnesota


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