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Fillet Welds

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I think that careful reading of the footnote would show that it applies to 
use of fillet welds to connect webs to flanges, where the weld itself is in 
tension or compression due to bending.  I don't know how many, if any, 
calculate the area of these fillet welds in figuring section properties, but 
that is what it appears to address.

IMO, this requirement does not apply to the flexural shear force (horizontal 
shear) between the flange and web which the fillet weld needs to resist.  And 
that, of course, is controlled by "shear on effective area" requirements.

For your cantilever example, I would design the weld using the shear on the 
effective area, determined using the section property of a weld treated as a 
line.  (Ref:  Blodgett's "Design of Welded Structures," Eighth Printing, 
July, 1976, Table 5, Page 7.4-7)


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Oshin Tosounian wrote:

. > AISC Table J2.5 lists allowable stress on welds for various types of 
. > welds. Fillet weld has two types. a) Shear on effective area, and b) 
. > Tension or compression parallel to axis of weld.  How do you discribe 
. > each in terms of real world applications?

. > Also, when a cantilever beam is welded with a fillet weld all around to a
. > column, would you consider the weld at the tension flange subject to
. > horizontal shear or tension perpendicular to the weld axis (not listed in
. > AISC Table J2.5) in addition to the vertical shear.

. > Thanks in advance

. > Oshin Tosounian, S.E.
. > Los Angeles, CA

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