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Re: Fillet Welds

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Roger Turk wrote:

> For your cantilever example, I would design the weld using the shear on
> effective area, determined using the section property of a weld treated as
> line.


That's how I have been designing my welds. This came up as a plan review
comment from the SER of a building we are designing the cladding support. We
detailed the support as a short beam cantilevering off of the building
column (like a corble) with 3/16" fillet weld all around. The SER commented
on the detail saying "AISC has no tensile value for this type of weld". Now,
I am assuming he is refering to the top weld being in tension, due to the
bending moment, normal to the effective area, which, for fillet weld, is not
listed in AISC. Is the SER correct. I have always designed this condition
with the weld sized for the resultant stress on the weld due to bending and
direct shear. I haven't talked to the SER yet, and wanted to have some
feedback from the list to make sure I was not missing somthing.

Thanks for your input.

Oshin Tosounian, S.E.
Los Angeles, CA

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