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Re: Australian PE Registration

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Thank you Daryl and Mark (and others who sent me helpful replies off-list)
for your help.  In re Mark's web ref's, my guy doesn't appear to be a member
of IEAust and the NSW registration database on line seems to be searchable
only by location (city in Australia), so wasn't of assistance.

In re Daryl's input, I am fully aware that the fellow may have stepped in
deep doo-doo by representing himself as a licensed professional engineer and
offering an engineering opinion on a life-safety issue in California when he
is not licensed to practice here.  The degree to which I am willing to
personally take him to task (and/or to report him to authorities) depends on
whether he has the technical (albiet not the legal) qualifications needed to
allow him to form an professional opinion, and on whether there was a
reasonable basis for his statement that the building in question is safe
(he'd have to know something I don't, but there are people who do).  The
situation is complicated, and I do not at this point think that anyone is in
immediate danger, so I'm waiting for more information.

I think the appropriate response to an unqualified person who is offering
professional opinions and thereby constitutes an immediate danger to the
public (call the cops?) is different than the appropriate response to a
professional who offered an informed an appropriate opinion based on a
reasonable evaluation of data and who is guilty only of being unfamiliar
with the local regulations (make sure he knows that he needs to get a local
license?).  At this point, I don't know which I've got.  I would be
interested in the thoughts of my colleagues, if anyone cares to follow this
thread any further, as to what I should do when I find out which variety of
flake I'm dealing with.

Drew Norman
Drew A. Norman and Associates
Pasadena, California

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> Drew,
> I think Australian registration is irrelevant for a California project.


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