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Re: Fillet Welds

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Title: RE: Fillet Welds
Paul Feather wrote:

>Don't you just hate it when someone brings up something so stupid you
>actually have to pause to think about it? :-)  By his reasoning half the
>buildings in the US should not be standing.

That's exactly what happened. The comment came from one of the principals
of a very, very well known structural engineering firm in LA. He actually
got me thinking. So, I thought maybe he knew something I didn't,
knowing where he was coming from.

>To quote the AISC connections manual

>" The critical stress in a fillet weld is always considered to be a shear
>stress, and may occur:
>(1) parallel to the weld axis, (2) transverse to the weld axis, (3) or at
>some intermediate angle.  Therefore, tension, compression, and moments
>acting upon a fillet welded joint are always resolved as shear in the weld

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Paul.

My thanks to Charlie, Roger and all who replied.