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Bidding One Story Tract Homes

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I didn?t see this in the digest I received and decided to strip out the
HTML and send it again:

I?m trying to put together a bid for 103 one story tract homes in the
area (the desert). The following breaks down the project:
? Three basic floor plans (very little difference between them), 2900
s.f. and two at 2665 s.f.
o Each with optional 250 s.f. Casitas
o Three different elevations ? although the elevations show similar roof
plans ? only the aesthetics of the elevations appear to change.
? 12?-0? Ceiling heights in living areas
? 10?-0? ceilings in bedrooms
? 14?-0? ceilings in foyer
? 103 total units constructed in three phases

I don?t believe I would have a problem doing this project, but don?t
have the experience bidding it. If you bid tracts in the Coachella
Valley, Palmdale, and Riverside County and would not mind discussing
this with me, please write me privately. I need some feedback as how
best to approach this bid. Specifically;
? Basic master plan pricing
? Re-use plan
? Amortizing E&O coverage into the cost design
? Structural Observation bidding
? Coordination during construction fees

Note: I am not suggesting establishing a fixed price for this type of
work. I am only attempting to gauge how competition will organize their
bid and a range of fees for these services that others can recommend. To
start the ball ? my first thought would be to design the master home
plan at $4,500.00 and approximately $1,800.00 for each additional plan
(reuse). What is realistic for this type of work?

Feel free to e-mail me privately as I now collect my mail in digest
format. If anyone feels that this is a good long term thread ? please
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Business Forum at:


Dennis S. Wish, PE
California Professional Engineer
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