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Re: Plywood Roof Diaphragm Connections

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Title: Plywood Roof Diaphragm Connections
A common solution is to use "shear blocks". Manufactured plated box trusses in lieu of full depth blocking. They can be made by any plated truss mfgr, with whatever shear loading that is required.
Pat Clark, P.E.
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Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2001 12:45 PM
Subject: Plywood Roof Diaphragm Connections

I have a question regarding plywood roof diaphragms.  I have a wood truss roof that has a 4'-0" overhang around the sides of the building.  At the location of the wall, the truss depth is about 2'-0".  What methods are used to transfer the load from a roof diaphragm down to the shearwall when wood truss roofs with deep heel depths are used?  I have fully blocked from bearing plate up to the top of the trusses and put 3" holes in the blocking in the past, but I am looking for other options.  Has anybody used tension bridging such as the Simpson strong tie LTB or TB to transfer this load?

Zachary Goswick