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Re: Flat Bottom Tank Anchorage

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<< I have question regarding the design the anchor bolts for a circular tank 
with bottom fully supported on concrete pad.  When a lateral load is applied 
to the tank, assume no fiction between the tank and the pad, the lateral load 
is resisted by the shear capacity of the anchor bolts.>>

If the tank bottom is supported on ground, shear is not a worry.  The anchor 
bolts are only designed for overturning forces.  To quote AWWA D100, 
Paragraph, "Ground-supported tanks full of product have not been 
found to slide off their foundation.  When a sliding check is required by 
purchaser, a coefficient of friction equal to tan 30 can be assumed."  I 
suggest to spend your time checking anchor tension due to overturning, plate 
buckling, pinching of the shell at the anchor chair, and all the other 
important stuff.

Carl Sramek
Los Alamitos, CA   

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