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RE: Plywood Roof Diaphragm Connections

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I agree with the comments regarding cross grain bending on plated trusses. 
Don't rely on it, even though I have seen houses and even small commercial 
buildings done that way.

It might be worth your while to talk to an engineer from Simpson and one 
from a truss manufacturer. I am sure that they will tell you the same 
thing. I believe at some time in the past, I discussed this with them also 
and both advised that their products are not designed to transfer this type 
of load.

Jim K.

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When I use a holddown anchor such as a hurricane series anchor by Simpson
Strong Tie, I use the nails in each truss to transfer the shear load down
through the truss and into the anchor.  I pick an anchor that can handle 
forces.  If I can't get the nails to work alone, I have been placing
blocking between the trusses to help transfer the load.  My next question 
how big the heel depth can be before I have to provide blocking, if the
nails and anchor both work?  In other words, how big can the heel depth be
before I have to start considering weak axis bending of the truss and the
flipping of the trusses onto their sides?

Zachary Goswick
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