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RE: MCE Acceleration

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The International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO)has a piece of
software called "Code Central" that is basically Earthquake Spectral
Response Acceleration Maps for the U.S. and its territories (the same maps
in the 2000 IBC).  Among other things, you can input a U.S. postal zip code
and it will provide you with the MCE for a 0.2 sec and 1.0 sec SRA for that
location. I've used it to obtain data for SE MO locations.  You can contact
the ICBO for more information at

Check related sites:

David L. Williams, P.E.
Vice-Pres., Snyder Engineering, Inc.
409 Vandiver Drive, Bldg. 5, Ste 203
Columbia, MO  65202

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ASCE 7-98 has MCE spectral acceleration contours for
the short period and the 1.0 sec period. However,
these maps do not show any cities which can be used as
reference. I am designing some structures in some
areas located on the eastern half of MO.

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