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Re: roof deck, joist camber, connection

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Title: roof deck, joist camber, connection
I ran into this problem once while working for a steel fabricator.  The design dwgs called for the joist to start 6" from the end wall and we had a 3" gap which we wound up filling w/ an angle.  In researching the problem, I learned that the camber in joists are notoriously high and there is no specified upper limit.  As for popping the welds, I find that hard to believe if the welds are properly made.  If there is a doubt, call for weld washers (erectors hate them).
Scott A. Dunham, PE
Dunham Engineering Services
Dothan, AL
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Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2001 8:26 AM
Subject: roof deck, joist camber, connection

We have a single story building that is braced from beam/column to foundation for wind resistance, in a non-seismic area.  Yesterday the contractor called and said he wasn't able to get the deck down enough to weld to the beams with the spacing - some places 2'-6" from beam - of the joist and the camber in the joist.  We've run into this before and have several ways to solve the problem.  What disturbed me was the steel sub who is doing the welding says this is very typical and seldom do they ever get the puddle welds at the beams due to the difference with a flat beam and cambered joist.  He claims that even if you can get the welds at the beam/deck, once the remaining dead load is placed the welds pop loose anyway due to the movement of the joist deflecting to flat.

Has anyone run into this before?  Or is the steel sub just being obstinate and not wanting to put a little extra effort into the job? 

Natalie Harvill, EIT

Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, Inc.