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Re: Welding Stainless Steel

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>If I am welding a stainless steel wire to a stainless steel angle,  how do I 
>need to specify the wire and angle to make sure they weldable.
If you're using austenitic stainless (300 series) it's generally weldable 
without difficulty. There's a dozen different processes. Surf over to the 
Lincoln Electric web site for more info on specifics and check the 
Lincoln Electric Procedure Handbook of Arc Welding. Make sure you specify 
the material according to an ASTM specification

Here are some caveats:
--Welding 400 series stainless is a little trickier because 400 series is 
heat treatable and doesn't respond well to welding heat. 
--If you're thinking about using strain hardened stainless because it has 
higher strength, welding reduces the strength to that of annealed 
stainless. Be careful with weld design
--Don't even think about welding 303 stainless. It's loaded with sulphur 
to make it machinable. 

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