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Re: Flat Bottom Tank Anchorage

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Yi Yang wrote:

"The maximum shear force per anchor bolt is occurred on the
bolt located 90 degrees from the direction of applied load, and minim  shear
on anchor bolts occur on the bolts that are in line with the applied lateral

I think I see where you're coming from. If the tank is looked at as a rigid
cantilever beam the shear flow in the skin of the tube would be maximum at
90 degrees to the direction of load and zero in the direction of load.

It seems to me that for a more flexible tank under say seismic loading there
would be local effects would result in pressures at the leading edge and
cause shears in those anchor bolts. It would all be a function of the
stiffness of the tank and the bolt ring.

For real world tank design you're best bet is to use one of the American
Petroleum Institute (API) or American Water Works Association (AWWA) codes
which were mentioned in earlier posts.

Check out:


Hope this helps,
John MacLean

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