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RE: Flat Bottom Tank Anchorage

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>If I put a
>point load at the top of the tank, would I get some reasonable result for
>the reactions on the pinned support comparing to what a real life anchor
>bolt might experience?
You're doing it about right, but try a couple of things. 

First, only model half the tank and put symmetry boundary conditions on 
the half model. That will insure symmetric loading, a quicker solution 
and model generation.
Second, load it with a distributed load acting sideways horizontally 
parallel to the plane of symmetry. A constant horizontal acceleration is 
best, but you'll have to use a fairly high acceleration to include the 
contents properly. A point load at the top of the tank is a little too 
far out.
Third, use hydrostatic pressure to model the hydrostatic pressure 
contents: uniform pressure on the bottom and linearly distributed loading 
on the sidewalls
Fourth fix the tank bottom against vertical displacements, but not 
horizontal displacements. 
Fifth if you have a ring girder at the bottom include it in your model 
with beam elements to reproduce the stiffness. 

With only horizontal loading you'll end up making the tank into some sort 
of cantilever which wouldn't truly simulate the response of the tank. 
Your tank is short enough so shearing effects and the exact boundary 
conditions will affect the response very strongly. The shear flow 
distribution which obtains for pure bending may not develop at all.

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