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Re: Swimming Pool Enclosures - Timber vs. Steel

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	I have two suggestions you might want to consider.

1.)	4" decking sounds expensive. can you use 2" decking plus purlins
which might be something like 3x10 or 3x12 at 6'- 0" spacing?

2.)	In Calgary, all the swimming pools I see have precast concrete
Single "T"s  or Double "T"s for the roof.  Would this be possible?

	Good luck.


				H. Daryl Richardson

> Peder Golberg wrote:
> I have a question on the material of choice for framing a roof over an
> indoor swimming pool.   I have gotten involved in the middle of a
> project to build a community swimming pool that is way over budget.
> The plans for the roof structure currently contains 90 foot long
> Alaska Yellow Cedar glu-lam beams at 15 ft on center with 4x laminated
> Douglas Fir decking.     From the mechanical engineer, the building
> will be kept at 85 degrees and have about 50% humidity.   From my
> Timber chart, this equals about a 10% equilibrium moisture content in
> the wood.   Does anyone see any draw backs to using un-treated Douglas
> Fir for the girders  (90 feet long exceeds all nearby treating
> plants).  Douglas Fir is less than half the cost of Alaska Yellow
> Cedar in my area and we have been asked to investigate alternatives.
> The current plans are based off of other pool designs in the area that
> all seem to have Cedar or pressure treated Douglas Fir.   Another
> option I'm proposing is a treated Douglas Fir truss with steel hidden
> connections.
> I have also provided the architect with an exposed steel girder truss
> option that appears to be the least expensive of all the
> alternatives.   I have reservations with the steel based on the
> chlorine gas, corrosion, and indoor pools even with
> galvanizing.   Galvanizing 90 foot long trusses may be an issue
> also.   Any noted issues or successes with steel used over indoor
> pools?   I have used galvanized steel before for a hotel pool which
> was hidden by the ceiling.
> Thanks in advance for any comments.
> Peder Golberg, P.E., S.E.
> Portland, Oregon

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