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Re: MCE Acceleration

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The CD that ICBO provides with the IBC incudes the design acceleration maps that
can be used to determine acceleartion.  Although the zip code can be entered to
determine an acceleration value, which is often not very accurate.  The program
provides the acceleration coefficients at the centroid of the zip code area, and
in some areas the area served by one zip code is pretty large.  New Mexico, for
instance, only has one zip code that I have ever seen.  So I prefer to enter
Latitude and Longitude values.  What I have taken to doing is going to a mapping
web site called  I enter a street address, or I just look at
the map for an area and move the icon to the location I am interested.  Then I
print a map.  It gives me directions to find the place, and in small print at
the bottom of the map it includes the latitude and longitude of the icon

IN the midwest, the mapped accelerations will only tell you half of the story.
You then need to scale the map acceleration value by soil type adjustment
factors.  Because much of the midwest has deep soft soils, even relatively low
map accelerations may become relatively significant design accelerations.

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