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Re: RESIDENTIAL: Rafters Not Meeting At Ridge Plate -- Staggered Spacing

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Check UBC 1633.2.5 for ties and continuity.

Reza Dashti, P. Eng.
Vancouver, Canada

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Subject: RESIDENTIAL: Rafters Not Meeting At Ridge Plate -- Staggered Spacing
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 09:07:52 -0500

I am doing a forensic investigation for a "tract home" built by a well-known homebuilder in the Houston area. One of the more surprising things I >found was that the rafters do not meet (are not collinear) at the >ridge plate but rather are staggered along the length of the plate. >The spacing isn't >even regular, but random. According to UBC '97 2320.12.3 "Rafters shall be framed directly >opposite each other at the ridge." Obviously we see a code violation >here, but I'm interested in the implications of this. My assumption is >that even though the ridge plate might be able to withstand the >lateral thrust of the rafter, the roof is considerably less stiff as a >lateral load resisting element, which could have some problems.

Can someone make any other observations about potential problems?

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