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Re: charpy v notch toughness

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At 10:26 AM 10/19/01 -0400, you wrote:
what is the correct standard requirement for charpy v notch toughness for
weld material for full pen welds? A City of LA from 1997 and the July 2000
FEMA 353 indicate 20 ft. lbs. @ 0 degrees F.  The current SEOC Blue Book,
AISC Seismic Provisions, and an LA City Memo from May 2001 indicate 20 ft.
lbs @ -20 degrees F.  Electrode manufacturer spec seem to mainly provide
specs that comply with the 20 ft lbs at -20 degrees.

Is it more difficult to achieve a higher notch toughness at lower or higher

Thanks in advance

paul franceschi s.e.

20 ft-lbs @ -20 F is common.
Bigger ft-lbs @ lower temps means more $$$$
Make sure it's a commercially available value whatever it is.
Don't require 20 ft-lbs @ -25 F for example if 20 @ -20 F is standard.
That would require $pecial testing and $pecial ordering and $pecial $torage etc.
Try to make it possible to use what the fabricator has or can easily get.
Be flexible about it, if the shop has 20 ft-lbs @ -20 F wire and the spec says 20 ft-lbs @ -25 F you'll make the job go better if you can accept what they have, especially since their estimator probably didn't pick up the "special order weld rod required " at the time of bid.
(Do you hear the voice of experience ? )
Talk to a welding equipment supplier and look at the bridge spec used in the area.


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