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Re: Swimming Pool Enclosures - Timber vs. Steel

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Wish my memory were a little better, but 30+ years ago I did a public 
swimming pool building with a glu-lam beam and 4" decking roof.  
Unfortunately I'm not sure of the details, but if memory serves the wood was 
NOT pressure-treated but the hardware (glu-lam connections) was galvanized.  
Some research at the time indicated that in spite of the pool the humidity of 
the air near the ceiling (roof) was expected to be low enough not to be 
concerned about rot, because of ventilation.  I don't recall significant 
concern about the chlorine, but I may have just forgotten about it.  I went 
back about 20 years later and climbed up to the ceiling/roof and examined the 
framing but found no obvious/visible indications of problems, except for a 
small amount of delamination at a sharp bend in the glu-lams where several 
lams were cut off on a taper.  

Wish I remembered more details.  If you're in the Pacific Northwest contact 
me and I'll tell you where it is.  (I forget where the original questioner is 

There was one concern about chorine because it turned out that the 
ventilation air intake for the a/c system was on the same side of the 
building as the chlorine bottles, but that got worked out somehow. 

Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
Richmond CA USA

In a message dated 10/19/01 5:27:24 AM, Mark.A.Jones(--nospam--at) writes:

<< I don't think I would use untreated wood because of the chlorine.  Most of

the enclosed pools I have seen use concrete.  I suspect this is because of

the chlorine but that is just a guess.  I've seen some "inexpensive" ones

with bar joists and metal deck for a roof.  They all looked like they were

rusted-out and ready to collapse.  In any case, I would definitely find a

chlorine-proof coating.  Maybe poly-urethane? Does anyone know if it reacts

with chlorine?


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