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Re: RESIDENTIAL: Rafters Not Meeting At Ridge Plate -- Staggered Spacing

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I haven't read the other replies, but I'll throw in my $.02 worth. 

I recently looked at an old house with staggered 2x4 rafters and a 1x4 ridge 
member.  The ridge member looked like a sin wave except where it had split 
and failed.  This is not a snow area, which is why 2x4s were commonly used 
for rafters.  It didn't work! 

Rallph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
Richmond CA USA

In a message dated 10/19/01 7:12:43 AM, bill(--nospam--at) writes:

I am doing a forensic investigation for a "tract home" built by a well-known

homebuilder in the Houston area. One of the more surprising things I found

was that the rafters do not meet (are not collinear) at the ridge plate but

rather are staggered along the length of the plate. The spacing isn't even

regular, but random.

According to UBC '97 2320.12.3 "Rafters shall be framed directly opposite

each other at the ridge." Obviously we see a code violation here, but I'm

interested in the implications of this. My assumption is that even though

the ridge plate might be able to withstand the lateral thrust of the rafter,

the roof is considerably less stiff as a lateral load resisting element,

which could have some problems.

Can someone make any other observations about potential problems? >>

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